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Service Charges
Item of Charge Standard of Charge
Certificate Cost Eighty (80) dollars per page
Certificate Processing Fee Eighty (80) dollars per page
Registration Form/ Attachment Copy/ Copy Fee Ten (10) dollars per page
Screen of Inquiry Printing Twenty (20) dollars per page
Personal Information Databank Reading Fee Twenty(20) dollars per Twenty (20) minute interval; calculated per interval
Land Information Fee (via E-mail) Ten (10) dollars per item
Registration Copy /Partial Registration Copy Fee Photocopy¡GFive (5) dollars per page
Computer Print-out¡G(20) dollars per page
Reading Fee of Copy of Cadastre Ten (10) dollars per twenty (20) minute interval; calculated per interval
Time Fee For Use of On-Site Electronic Resources; Land Information and Cadastral Map Databank Twenty (20) dollars per five (5) minute interval; calculated per interval
Rezoning and Amendment Records Photocopy¡GFive (5) dollars per page
Land Rights Transfer Inquiries Ten (10) dollars per three (3) minute interval
Cadastral Map Copying Processing Fee Photocopy¡GFifteen (15) dollars per page
Manual Tracing¡GForty (40) dollars per page
Computer Print-out: Twenty (20) dollars per page


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