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Our Service

Our Service
  • Offering telephone voice inquiry service

    The service includes the following:
    a. Register condition of a case
    b. Survey condition of a case
    c. Various application notes
    d. Address, working hours and telephone number of the sections

  • Offering touch-sensitive computerized inquiry service

    The service includes the following:
    a. Inquiry of current assessed land value and published land value
    b. Inquiry of radiated buildings
    c. Evaluation survey of dangerous buildings after 921 Earthquake
    d. Information on telephone number, address, opening hours and area of control of local land office
    e. Organization, floor plan and location diagram of local land office
    f. Status inquiry of land administration registration and survey

  • Make WWW service of land administration open to the public

    Set up cadaster , land value and survey maps television service

  • Had provided the English version of the real estate registration certificate since Nov 1, 2003

    Set up mortgage registration canceling network service

  • Set up courthouse entrusting restraining registration network

    Implement cadastral copies issuing network all over the country

  • Applying for cadastral copies on internet and paying the fee through popular ATM, the public can receive the cadastral copies at home easily
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